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CAP Doctor - Common Agricultural Policy Advice

2015 will be a challenging year for the Welsh Farming industry with the changes to the Common Agricultural Policy coming into existence.

At Agri Advisor we are fully aware that the income from various Common Agricultural Schemes is vital for farmers, and that protecting and safeguarding this is essential.

As rural specialists this is the reason we have a dedicated team offering Common Agricultural Policy advice. The CAP Doctor at Agri Advisor is here to assist farmers through the process and ensure the best results for you. CAP Doctor is the first of its kind in the UK which offers a complete service for Farmers and Landowners on any issues which may arise out of the Scheme applications, Scheme rules and regulations and Scheme payments.

'The CAP Doctor Service is backed by experience in making appeals against decisions of the Welsh Government and Rural Payment Agency' 

Our team is led by Nerys Llewlyn Jones, renowned for her knowledge on The Common Agricultural Policy after studying a PHD in the field at Aberystwyth University. Nerys is also often the key speaker at many Business Events regarding the Common Agricultural Policy. Nerys is joined in the CAP Doctor team by Carys Wilson, Gail Lewis and Manon Tomos, and more information on the team can be found here.

All the CAP Doctor team are up to date on the latest developments and policy in regard to the Common Agricultural Policy which is vital when assisting farmers through the process. And with important deadlines and key dates fast approaching then why not contact us here at the CAP Doctor to see how we can help you.

Services we offer include:

• Submission of SAF (Single application forms)
• New business start up package (including business registration, SAF)
• CAP advice (to include meeting with client, plan of action and letter of advice 
• Agri Environment Schemes Appeals
• Judicial Review 

Our services are delivered on a fixed estimate basis so please contact us for a quote.

If you would like any more information on any of the above or think that Agri Advisor can help you would like to book an appointment with us, then Contact Us. 




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