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Agri Mediator

Do you have a dispute in your farming business you cannot resolve?

Do you have an agricultural dispute you cannot resolve?

If all negotiation attempts have failed, some parties may think that Court proceedings are the only option left. However there is another option.


Mediation is an option to consider other than Court proceedings in order to resolve any dispute. Mediation is an informal process which requires all parties to spend half a day, to a day in one neutral location, although in separate rooms. The Mediator will then act as go between, helping the conflicting parties to resolve their issues and reach a settlement. Mediation allows for creative solutions and methods of resolving a dispute which will not be available following a Court decision.

Agri Mediator is a specialist service offered by Agri Advisor Solicitors which has been developed following requests from existing Clients and Public Bodies who have made it clear that there is a great need for Mediators who understand agricultural and rural issues.

Dr Nerys Llewelyn Jones trained and qualified as a Mediator with the ADR Group and is therefore an Accredited ADR Mediator. Nerys is a Solicitor specialising in Agricultural, Property, Succession, Environmental and Planning matters. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this area.

Originating from a rural, farming background Nerys understands fully the intricacies of rural life and farming businesses and is therefore able to empathise with parties who find themselves involved in a dispute. Nerys has a common sense approach, together with a calming nature and practical approach which is greatly sought after. She is 100% committed to every Mediation she undertakes as a Mediator.


Step by Step guide to Mediation

  1. Explore issues involved in the dispute

  2. Concentrates on resolution

  3. Preservation of relationships for the future

Mediation does not find it necessary to look back at the past, to revisit past actions or past behaviours.

The Mediator does not fulfil the same role as the Judge, and cannot give advice or comments as to the merits of the case. The Mediator is present to try and focus on a solution and raise the various methods that could be adopted to resolve the dispute as suggested by each individual party.

The process is confidential and matters discussed cannot be disclosed to third parties or referred to in any Court proceedings at a later date. Mediation is however relevant to the issue of costs once a decision has been made by a Judge.

Benefits of Mediation

  1. Commercial resolution for both parties to a dispute

  2. Avoids risk and expense of attendance at Court

  3. Parties can present their own solutions

  4. Methods of resolution can be agreed between the parties which the Court cannot provide

Entering into Mediation is not a sign of weakness by either party but is rather a sign of strength and pragmatism.

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