Opportunity to have sites considered in the Pembrokeshire Development Plan

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If you own land which you believe is suitable for development in Pembrokeshire (excluding the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park) then the opportunity is now open for the further submission of those sites to the council for consideration in the Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP2).

Pembrokeshire County Council has issued an invitation to landowners to review the current draft of the LDP2, part of which, does allow for the submission of further sites if they have not already been submitted into the plan. All types of potential development could still be submitted to include residential, commercial, retail and leisure facilities. Sites that meet the following are likely to have a better chance of consideration:

  • Good, sustainable pedestrian links to public transport and local facilities.
  • Free from any flood risk.
  • Adequate local sewerage network and access to water supplies.
  • The potential to create safe vehicular and pedestrian access to and from the highway network.
  • Meet a genuine housing requirement in their area, and not burden existing facilities.
  • Not to damage the local environment, conservation areas, or affect listed buildings.
  • Offer a more deliverable scheme than sites already existing in the LDP.

The deadline for submissions is 4.30pm on the 11th March 2020. Inclusion in the LDP2 will give your site a much greater chance of being developed than a non-allocated site. This is a last chance opportunity to try and get your site included into the LDP2, as this is mainly a consultation to review the existing document and submissions. Once the LDP2 has been finalised, it is unlikely to be reviewed again for several years, meaning there may not be an opportunity to include your site until the next time round. If you have a site you would like considered for submission, Agri Advisor are more than happy to assist you, please contact Ellie Watkins MRICS, FAAV on 01544 327122 or 07495 006808.