Employment Law Roadmap 2021

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Employment Law Roadmap 2021


  1. New immigration law

From 1 January, free movement of persons came to an end as a result of EU-Exit. All foreign nationals now need to meet a specified criteria involving being offered a job from an approved sponsor using the skilled worker route.

  1. Furlough scheme ending

Currently the furlough scheme is set to end on the 30th  April 2021 meaning Employers should start to make plans for their businesses without support from the government.

  1. Gender pay gap reporting

Gender pay gap reporting is expected to return this year following the relaxation last year due to Covid-19. Organisations with at least 250 employees will be required to report on gender.

  1. New IR35 requirements

From April 2021, eligible organisations (medium and large) will be responsible for assessing the employment status of contractors. Under the new rules, where workers are engaged through their own companies, responsibility to apply IR35, and to pay any associated tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs), will fall to the private company, agency or other third party paying the worker’s company. These new rules were expected in April 2020 but were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and are likely to come into force in April 2021

  1. Modern Slavery statements

There will be a requirement for companies to produce a Modern Slavery statement. In this statement, the company will need to set out the steps they are taking to address modern slavery i.e. company operations and supply chains.

  1. Extended redundancy protection for pregnant employees

Currently, employees on maternity leave who are at risk of redundancy must be offered suitable alternative roles in advance of others. Future changes will mean that this protection is extended from the date the employee informs her employers that she is pregnant. It doesn’t matter whether the employee informs you verbally or in writing. This protection will last for a further six-month period once the employee returns to work.  The extended protection will also be available to those on adoption leave and shared parental leave.  No date has been confirmed when this will come into force.


Further Advice

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