Single Application Form (SAF) 2021

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The 2021 application window for the SAF opened on the 1st March 2021 and is available to complete on RPW Online. The deadline for submitting your SAF is midnight 17th May 2021, however you should only be declaring all land that is at your disposal for 15th May 2021.

The supporting documents deadline for the BPS claim has been extended to the 31st December 2021, these include:

  • Evidence of Agricultural Activity,
  • Evidence of the Young Farmer payment,
  • Evidence to support an application to the Nation Reserve.

However, it is worth noting that the BPS claim will not be processed and no payment, including the Advance Payment, will be made until all required BPS Supporting Documents have been received. If required supporting documents are required but not submitted by 31st December 2021, your BPS claim will be rejected.

There are some further changes to the BPS 2021 Claim including:

  • Greening Requirements – this has been removed. The Greening budget has been moved into the BPS Entitlement budget and the entitlement values increased to take account of this change. The change in entitlement values will be carried out in July and will be available on RPW Online.
  • Active Farmer Requirements – all BPS claimants must continue to meet the definition of a farmer. The separate ‘Active Farmer’ requirement for businesses operating other activities, such as airports or waterworks has been removed.
  • Cross Border Farms – all land farmed in the UK is no longer covered by a single BPS application. You must submit a SAF to each UK country in which you hold eligible land and BPS Entitlements.
  • BPS 2021 Advance Payments – subject to claim eligibility and receipt of all necessary supporting documents there is intention for a BPS Advanced Payment to be made from 15th October 2021 of up to 70% of your anticipated final BPS 2021 claim value.
  • BPS 2021 Balance Payments – BPS 2021 balance payments will commence from 15th December 2021.

Once again, this year there is additional help and guidance available in the ‘2021 Single Application Rules Booklet’ and the ‘2021 Single Application Form (SAF) Online How to Complete Guide’. However, if you require support or guidance in completing and submitting your SAF form, please contact Ellie Watkins or Katie Davies on 01558 650381, or