Employment Tribunal new measures 2021- 2022

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The Employment Tribunal has issued a road map for 2021- 2022 which outlines the steps it will take as the Covid -19 restrictions begin to ease.

The ET has confirmed that most preliminary hearings, and some final hearings, should continue to go ahead virtually using CVP (cloud video platform).  The ET has a large backlog and outstanding claims are facing long delays until they are heard. By listing cases for virtual hearings the ET is hopeful that this will help to reduce the backlog, as well as keeping those who need to attend Court safe.

Virtual hearings make it easier for Claimants, Respondents and witnesses to attend Court and reduces the need for cases to be re-listed. It is expected that virtual hearings should be used by default over the next two years. The ET will also be allowing Judges to hear cases, regardless of the region they are assigned to from April 2021 to assist in dealing with caseloads. This is in addition to a new case management system which is due to be in force by May 2021. It is hoped that this new system will improve the efficiency of electronic working and remote hearings.

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