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It is highly recommended that parties attempt to negotiate through mediation in order to avoid litigation which can be costly and could lead to an irretrievable breakdown in relations. Indeed, in certain cases a Court may be critical of parties who have failed to consider the possibility of mediation. Whether you are a business person, a farmer or living in a small community, rural or not, we understand this could have a serious impact on your ability to conduct business or go about your everyday life.

Our service has been developed by Dr Nerys Llewelyn Jones, a trained and qualified mediator who specialises in Agricultural, Property, Succession, Environmental and planning matters. For Nerys Llewelyn Jones – Mediator CV, availability and fee estimate please contact us.

The Process

Mediation is an informal process which requires all parties to spend half a day, to a day in one neutral location, although in separate rooms. The Mediator will then act as go between, helping the conflicting parties to resolve their issues and reach a settlement. Mediation allows for creative solutions and methods of resolving a dispute which will not be available following a Court decision.

Together we will:

– Explore issues involved in the dispute

– Concentrate on resolution

– Look to preserve relationships for the future

The process is confidential and matters discussed cannot be disclosed to third parties or referred to in any Court proceedings at a later date. Mediation is however relevant to the issue of costs once a decision has been made by a Judge.

Fees for mediation can be viewed at “typical fees”.


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