Agricultural and Equestrian Property



As specialists in the Agricultural sector, it goes without saying that our team have significant experience in dealing with all types of Property transactions that go “hand in hand” with farming.  In particular, we are able to deal with:

  • Sales and Purchases of Land, Farms and Farm Businesses.

Working together, our teams can deal with both the “property” and “business” aspects of farm sales/purchases, as well as any necessary transfers of BPS Entitlements.

  • Mortgages

We can deal with Mortgages with most high street banks, and our team also have experience of dealing with alternative funding providers.  We work closely with accountants and financial advisers to give you the best advice.

  • First Registration of Title

A large proportion of Title (ie. ownership) to rural land is still not registered at the Land Registry.  Dealing with an application for voluntary first registration of Title can make dealings with future sales easier; limit complications which might arise on the death of a landowner as well as helping to combat property fraud.

  • Deeds of Easement (such as the grant of rights of way, or rights for services)

Rights of access or for the installation of services (eg. water/electricity) are very important in a rural context.  It is very important to ensure that your land has the benefit of all necessary rights to enable you to use it as you wish to do.  We can advise about existing rights, as well as deal with drafting the terms of any new rights to be granted/reserved.

  • Transfers of land between families

Succession planning is of vital importance to the agricultural sector, and considering when and how to transfer land to the next generation is a key part of this.  Working with our Wills and Estates colleagues, we can help you plan for the future.


There are some important differences between Agricultural/Residential Property and property used solely or partly for Equestrian purposes. Our team are able to guide you through the issues which you should consider when buying or selling a property of this nature.

We are also specialists in equine law, dealing with disputes about agreements for livery and grazing and disputes over the purchase and sale of horses.


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