Agricultural Tenancies


Tenancies of agricultural land usually operate under different statutory regimes to tenancies of residential or commercial property.  We have particular expertise in dealing with Farm Business Tenancies, Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancies and Licences. It is imperative that the terms of any tenancy are recorded in writing, so as to protect both parties. A well drafted agreement can help to ensure that the landlord and tenant relationship runs smoothly and to avoid disputes.

We can advise you about the most appropriate form of occupation of your land, throughout the term of the Tenancy and in connection with obtaining vacant possession either at the end of the term, or if something has gone wrong.

The best course of action with any tenancy is to ensure that it is well drafted and that it actually reflects the landlord and tenant relationship which exists.  Many off-the-shelf tenancies don’t do this and disputes can occur.  Unfortunately, they can arise for many other reasons as well.

Agricultural Tenancies are split into two broad types – those under the Agricultural Holdings Act and newer ones called Farm Business Tenancies.  Some are written and others aren’t.  It is vitally important to obtain expert advice from the outset with any tenancy dispute to ensure that the type of tenancy being discussed is the correct one; important dates are not missed; and that steps taken to protect your position – as either landlord or tenant  – are taken as quickly as possible.

Tenancies can have significant value for both parties and their nature can also have an affect on matters such as inheritance tax.  This work makes up a large proportion of our team’s work and we are at hand to guide you through any issues you may be experiencing with your tenancy.


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