Farm Business Structures

Farm Partnerships and Corporate Structures
We have a dedicated team who specialise in the drafting of farm partnerships and business structures to ensure that the business is being run in the most efficient way by recording in writing the intention of the parties. Disputes tend to arise out of lack of communication and clarity as to what the business is looking to achieve and the roles of individuals within that business.

Commercial contracts for business farming
Our specialist commercial team can deal with the drafting of contracts for all aspects of your farm business from a new venture, to a grazing licence. It is important to consider all scenarios which might arise so that in the event the terms of business or lease has to be relied upon, there is documentary evidence of the terms that were agreed between the parties.  When drafting contracts of this nature, our commercial team can also draw upon knowledge within other areas of our firm. This means our colleague in the property team could deal with the drafting of a lease of premises, a member of the wills, trust & tax team could advise on any tax implications that might arise  and the commercial team draft the transactional supporting documentation.

Business Structure Disputes

A dispute between partners or shareholders can have a crippling effect on a business and can be even more difficult when it’s between family members, often living and working in close proximity.  In farming there are often complex setups with varying contributions to the business as well as differing ownership of assets and land by the parties involved.  Our experience with farming businesses ensures we know what to look for.  Specific issues to farming such as maintaining  BPS and environmental schemes are not missed.

Agri Advisor prides itself on a large number of its staff’s first-hand knowledge of farming businesses and practicalities.  It is often the case that these disputes require a practical and workable solution as much as a legal one.  Agri Advisor’s unique combination allows us to advise any business comprehensively when it encounters difficulties.


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