Legal Services

It is important when getting any legal advice that you engage a solicitor that speaks your language and although there are lots of legal firms that provide legal advice to Farmers, there are only a handful across the UK who offer a bespoke and focused advice service dedicated to farming and rural clients alone.

The issues and problems faced by rural people are unique and require a different approach and understanding. Farming businesses have to ensure they comply with the complexity of agricultural law. At Agri Advisor we also provide a specialist agricultural legal support to other professional firms.

Our Team come from farming backgrounds which means we can ensure a personal, empathetic and understanding service. We provide solutions and assist farmers in Wales, and England with a number of different types of legal problems. We advise farmers in relation to property disputes where their property assets are threatened by an application for adverse possession or where an issue has arisen about a boundary line. Representing and defending farmers where they are being prosecuted by the Local Authority, Environment Agency, or Welsh Government for breaches of rules and regulations which must be abided by for animal welfare and movement purposes or for a pollution incident is also a service we provide.

We offer legal advice in the following specialized areas:

  • Agricultural Law
  • Appraisals of Option and Lease Agreement
  • Business Leases
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Commercial Property
  • Compensation Claims
  • Environmental Law
  • Grazing Licenses
  • Farm Business Tenancies
  • Farm Sales and Purchases
  • Land Disputes
  • Land Registration
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Planning Law
  • Property Litigation
  • Property Transfers
  • Renewable Energy
  • Residential Sales and Purchases
  • Tenancy Law
  • Wills, Probate and Succession Planning
  • Appeals in the Crown Court relating to the revocation, refusal and renewal of firearms and shotgun certificates.

If there is a legal problem or issue which does not appear on our website, please give us a ring to discuss whether or not we can still help you on 01558 650 381


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